Flab 2 Fab

Flab 2 Fab


Here's your chance to change your life by losing weight & winning a discounted membership and a new TV!
Each participant is eligible for a discount: total % of body fat lost + body weight lost = the dollar amount off a 3 month membership. The grand prize will be awarded to the participant who loses the most total % body fat + body weight.
The 1-month weight-loss competition runs November 9 through December 11.
Attend as many D1 Boot Camp or D1 Strength classes as you like.

Complete the form to apply for your spot in the contest.
Only 20 applicants will be accepted.

$150 to join. Apply for FREE.


MEET Donna

D1 Member, Donna L, never considered herself an athlete. She always felt out of shape, and had no support. When she started training at D1 she gained all the confidence she was lacking. Donna took the challenge, are you ready?