Multisport Camp (Grades 7-12) July 13th and 14th 1pm-3pm

Date: July 13th and 14th
Time: 1-3pm
Ages: 12-18
Price: $75 for non-members, $45 for members
Welcome to the D1 Multisport Camp - an exciting youth summer camp where girls and boys ages 12-18 come to develop athletic ability and learn important life skills through a wide variety of activities and experiences. The D1 Multisport Camp is a great place for any sport enthusiast who is looking to improve their skills, work hard, make new friends and have fun! Our mission is to provide athletes with the tools to improve and to enjoy sports for life! Offering a program at a fantastic state of the art facility with a safe, healthy and FUN learning environment for all ability levels OUR GOALS To build each athlete’s self-esteem To promote regular physical activity, values, and sportsmanship To provide kids with the life skills to become leaders To create a stimulating athletic community whereby athletes become better players in their particular sports

Football Skills Camp

Date: June 20th and 21st
Time: 1-3pm
Ages: 10-14
Price: $60 for non-members, $30 for members
Welcome to D1 Sports Football Camps. We are committed to providing a camp that is both instructional and informational along with creating a great atmosphere to learn! The coaching staff at D1 is dedicated to the development and growth of football players of all ages and skill levels. Our goal is to provide a positive and instrumental learning experience for all athletes in a structured, enthusiastic and fun environment.

Speed/Explosive Camp

Date: June 6th and 7th
Time: 1-3pm
Ages: 13-18
Price: $90 for non-members, $30 for members
The basis of this camp will be to improve the overall athlete, both males and females. As a part of the two day camp, athletes will perform strength, speed, and agility exercises on a daily basis to improve performance, prevent injury, and build sportsmanship. Our coaches will reinforce proper technique in a motivational environment to enhance the experience of each athlete. The camp is not established to be sport specific. Instead, progressive strength, speed, and agility will be stressed to help prepare athletes for all sports.